Kirsten Schötteldreier has been drawn to singing from her early youth onwards, singing pop, jazz, rock and early classical music. She chose to study classical singing and directing at Folkwang Conservatorium in Essen (Germany). This allowed her, next to her musical education, to absorb the work of a.o. famous choreographer Pina Bausch, who also taught there. This started her fascination with integrating different art forms, blending music with theatre, dance and visual art, over time resulting in many cross over projects. 

Kirsten started her career as a classical singer working internationally, taught by great singers such as Galina Vishnewskaya, Brigitte Fassbender and Hilde Zadek.  In search of more than just the technical approach to the voice, she found a more holistic way of singing in her work with voice coach Peter Harrison. The start of her practise of the ancient Shaolin arts with the internationally renowned Shaolin Wahnam institute contributed further to that development.

Currently she works as a vocal & performance coach, using her unique skill set to open people up to their authentic voice. She also initiates music projects for theatres and site-specific locations, such as her urban opera heimwee#fermweh, an Opera integrating classical singing, electronic music and dance.  Furthermore, Kirsten works with community choirs for ad hoc performances. She gives integrated voicetrainings in the higher managment and teaches young people how to simply connect with their true voice . 


Kirsten Schötteldreier from HOTzSpot's on Vimeo.